Health Retreats


“Find your Flow” health retreats.
Join like minded women on their own unique life journeys to find flow, happiness, love and peace within themselves creating abundance and wholeness.

Retreat 1

“Feed your Gut”
The first of the find your flow retreats is all about “feeding your gut” for optimum health and vitality. Learn about the connection between the gut and brain for maximum health both physically and mentally. You will be fed and nourished with organic food for your gut and mind. You can all look forward to learning new and exciting gut health recipes. Workshops include how to make Kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, chocolate and smoothies. Relax in the spa and sauna and examine your body with an Osteopath treatment. Leave your busy minds at home… we will enter our bodies through training sessions adjusted according to fitness levels and ability and allow you to explore your creative peaceful minds through yoga and meditation.

Retreat 2

“Loving yourself, letting go and listening to your inner guide”
Life coaching tips and techniques including movement in nature will help you look inside to discover your desires and visions for your life to bring joy, happiness and inner peace. Balance, cleanse and clear your energy using nature’s elements of earth, water, fire and air along with chakra healing methods. Through certain body movements and meditation, we will open, engage, activate and align your Chakras to harness your energy, enhance your wellbeing, relationships, power, vitality and creativity. Discover a refined state of awareness and a new kind of freedom in your body and in your life. Relax and return to love on this beautiful beachside retreat.
All meals will be nourishing, healthy food for your mind, body and spirit.

Retreat 3

“Own your body, mind and spirit”
To own your body, mind and spirit you need to learn to own your day. The third retreat in the FLOW Series will teach you how to set daily intentions, to put out what you intend to attract and call into your life what you want. Start the day with organic food and gut friendly recipes to nourish your mind and body and to give you the energy you need to be productive and feel good. Participate in self care rituals like breathing and cold therapy that promote healing and encourage mental strength. Tune into the sensations of life around you through mindfulness exercises to allow you to connect to yourself and slow down your busy mind. Most importantly find joy in getting out of your comfort zone to help build self confidence and self esteem, bringing the emotion of joy into your daily life. Learn daily routines and rituals to setup your day allowing you to take charge of your life. Your day begins with a clean slate each and everyday, you can influence how your day flows and determine how each day ends. Your day is not just about how productive you were, how you look in the mirror or what you put into your body, it is about how you feel, who you connect with and how much joy you have had.

Retreat 4

“Wild and Free”
Experience a weekend of doing things you wouldn’t normally do…. be prepared to let your hair down and enJoy a weekend of feeling wild and free….



2 nights accomodation, including all food and activities

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