Mountain Bike Coaching

Each training plan is structured and specifically tailored to your individual level and goals. One on one training plans suit every rider from hobby riders out there just to finish a race or improve your fitness to performance based athletes. To achieve your optimum level of fitness it is important to train right. After 15 years of competing in both mountain bike and triathlon I have gained a wealth of experience from following different plans from various international coaches and then ultimately training myself over the last 5 years of my career. To get the most out of your genetic potential it is important to train smart. I look at it like building a house. First the foundation or base needs to be established for the walls and roof to complete the house. Longer slower rides will train your aerobic system, to build up a base for your body to be able to train at higher intensity and race hard. This training improves the efficiency of your heart and lungs as well as you biomechanical pedalling efficiency.

Each year will be broken up into Macro and micro cycles taking into account the racing season and off season. Training plans are done on a 4 week cycle with adjustments made accordingly due to illness or injury.

Working one-on-one in a 4 week cycle will help balance your dedicated personal training and racing goals with your busy work or family schedule and lifestyle. I’ll work with you to develop an individualized path to improvement. Your training and progress will be reviewed each month with feedback and recommendations on how to improve your workouts and your race strategy.


Mountain Bike Coaching


a Month
  • Review and analysis of your completed Athlete History Form and Personal Goals
  • 4 week training plan available online at the start of each month
  • Training progress analysis and feedback every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited communication by email or message
  • Adjustments to training plan as required due to illness or injury
  • Pre-race preparation and post-race analysis
  • Option of adding nutrition coaching (extra $20 a month)