Fermenting Frenzy

Kombucha, kefir & sauerkraut may sound foreign to some, if you haven’t tried them it may be time to start. These fermented products offer loads of healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) helping strengthen the body’s digestive system, giving the immune system an extra boost.

The first time I started brewing kombucha, it felt strange buying sugar to make my fermented drink. I hadn’t bought sugar in years and cut all sugar out of my diet years ago. I sourced the scoby online after hours of research. This is the culture of bacteria and yeast which you need to start the brewing process. It looks pretty gross to be honest, like a flat squishy mushroom. However I was intrigued to see what would grow and develop when I mixed all the required ingredients. Three simple ingredients…sugar, Tea, water and the scoby. The bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar and through the fermenting process convert it to carbon dioxide and highly energizing and detoxifying vitamins. The end result is a refreshing fizzy drink full of probiotics and vitamins which tastes like a mix between Champaign and cider. I was hooked straight away. I have been brewing for a couple of months now; the scoby can be used indefinitely. Previously I had not been taking in many probiotics, the occasional yogurt and that was it. I was often sick, always caught the cold that was going around in the family. I feel it has strengthened my immune system during this cold wet winter. Even my 3 year old son loves the taste and asks for his kombucha daily.

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