Meet Anna


Anna Baylis

“Your Goal is my Goal! Make healthy eating and exercise your habit”

My name is Anna Baylis founder of FitGurl. I am an experienced fitness trainer, Life Coach, Olympian and mum who is passionate about guiding people to achieve their personal life, health and fitness goals. As a Personal Trainer, whether it be weight loss or general health goals I can create a training plan to suit your individual needs and to fit in with your day to day family or work commitments.

I follow an holistic approach through combining life coaching with nutrition and movement. My experience as an athlete has conditioned me to withstand life’s obstacles and to look after my health and fitness, along with mind, body and soul. Over two decades as a successful athlete I was constantly gaining awareness of my body and it’s physical needs, listening to my inner guide, nourishing my body and mind through nutritious foods, learning to deal with the ups and downs, wins and losses, finding ways for my body to function at its optimum potential, setting goals and daily intentions, using visualization to manifest successful races, and being present and aware through daily exercise. All these qualities I implement in my life coaching approach to setup an action plan, giving clients direction and purpose in their lives.

My Mission

I aim to simplify health and fitness information for my clients, providing a simple easy to follow program which guarantees success not just physically but in all areas of life. My mission is to help as many people as possible release their potential and increase their quality of life through making movement, meditation and healthy eating a daily habit!

I have trained as an athlete competing worldwide for over 15 years. My passion is now making others fit to increase overall well being and lifestyle.


Early Stages

I have always been involved in sport and fitness, you could say my life revolved around getting and staying fit. I studied Human Movement at Deakin University and went on to do Honours in Food Science and Nutrition. It was at university that I discovered my athletic ability entering my first triathlon. My personal achievements include representing Australia at the Sydney Olympics and Commonwealth Games in the sport of mountain biking. Over the last 15 years I have travelled the world competing in numerous world championships, world cups and major events including the Hawaii Ironman.

Career Highlights

  • 2000 Olympic Games Sydney in Mountain Biking 21st Place
  • 2006 Commonwealth Games Manchester 6th Place
  • 2004/2005/2006 Transalp Challenge Winner Mixed Team
  • 2007 Xterra World Cup Winner
  • 2010 European Championships Ironman Frankfurt Germany 14th place
  • 2010 Ironman China 8th Place
  • 2010 Hawaii Ironman Finisher
  • 2013 Mum to my beautiful boy

Make healthy eating and exercise YOUR habit