Triathlon Coaching

Training for 3 disciplines is a very complicated process, which can lead to over-training if not overseen by a coach. Combining swimming, riding and running to achieve maximum performance takes a great deal of structured planning. Whether you are racing sprint, middle or long Ironman distance the training is structured to suit your individual goals. There is no greater achievement than completing a triathlon.


Triathlon Coaching


a Month

One to one Coaching includes:

  • Review and analysis of your completed Athlete History Form and Personal Goals
  • 4 week training plan available online at the start of each month
  • Training progress analysis and feedback every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited communication by email or message
  • Adjustments to training plan as required due to illness or injury
  • Pre-race preparation and post-race analysis
  • Individual swimming plans can be developed at an additional price of $30 a month